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The Italian-American Club of Wayne, PA was originally founded in 1908 as the Society Maria SS Della Libera. This organization was created to support the growing Italian community in Wayne and the surrounding areas. The society grew over the years and eventually purchased the property where the club stands now. The original building was an old four-story house which was demolished and re-built by its members in 1959.

IAC Officers:
Jim Pierce – President
Fran Pietrini – Vice-President

Board of Directors:
Nick Caniglia
Bob Filipone
Greg De Natale
Andy Moscia Jr.
Louis Londrillo
Pete Gattone
Joe D’Ascanio
Ray Dolce
Todd Cappelli
Frank Moscia
Ben Moscia
Battisto Moscia
Joseph Paolantonio
Tom Yervelli
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